Making His Mark

Making His Mark - Jennah Scott Interview: Alexis: She is more outgoing, being friends with a bunch of guys. She puts up a facade, but she's actually very sensitive. The trait that I like about her a lot is her kindness, not just to Bo, but everyone. She's an elementary school teacher, which tells you a little something about her patient personality.Bo: Bo definitely has his moments of being sweet, but he acts really dumb sometimes. There's no other way to say it. He's lucky that Alexis overlooks this. regarding him, the one trait that I liked was his loyalty to the people he loves and that he wants to make them proud. I appreciate that diversity of these characters. It's refreshing to read about Native Americans.Plot: *Spoilers*I'm pretty sure that epic kiss happened in the 2nd chapter. I was utterly confused. How can you go from being enemies to kissing each other? Where's the build-up for the climactic kiss? Along the same lines, it seemed like Bo was in love with Alexis extremely fast. The pacing of this book was way too quick!! I realize that this is adult fiction, but wow, this book is largely made up of sex scenes! Now, I'm totally for a few here and there to build up tension and anticipation, but that got lost for me because of the frequency.I was expecting Alexis' reasons for not wanting to get involved with Bo to be more dramatic than they were. I guess I read too much fiction involving drama,trauma, death and other serious issues, so this plot seemed very plain and disappointing. Overall, I had issues with the plot. I thought it was less than mediocre.Writing: I haven't been addressing this too often, but I felt the need to say that the D was neglected. That's right, there were endless diction errors. I don't know if I received the finished product, but the horror! Crystal, captious Crystal, would die! I get that self-published books might have errors, but these took away from the story. I cringed at the book when I found a mistake, and unfortunately that was often. Now, I'm going to feel really embarrassed if there are any typos in this review.Cover: I was surprised to see such clean, ink-free models for a book surrounding the topic of tattoos. I expected Bo to at least have one. Would I recommend this to a friend? No, I'm sorry. I feel terrible for giving a bad review on a blog tour, but I must be candid.