Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti I really connected with Lani, her being very eco-conscious. She just seemed like a very sweet, caring girl that I could definitely see myself being friends with. I was a little disappointed with her that she didn't stick up for herself. Yeah, I guess that would go against girl code but sometimes you have to stand by what's important. But really, Erin was a total jerk so she had it coming. That sounds bad, but I'm not advocating stealing boyfriends. I'm just saying karma's real, so be careful!Plot: Super predictable, but just the kind of story I love. I enjoyed seeing Lani and Jason get close and the drama that ensured once everyone found out that he cheated on Erin and Lani stabbed Erin in the back. Though I must say, this book made me hate girls. So it would probably feel pretty crummy to have your supposed best friend steal your boyfriend, but going around and spreading rumors and turning the school against her is downright low!Would I recommend it to a friend? This one's a nice, easy read. It's a cute one that will surely put a smile to your lips:)