Things I Know about Love

Things I Know About Love - Kate Le Vann read this awhile ago, so it may seem like a short review because I forgot what I read, but the truth is that this was one teensy little book!Characters: Livia seems like a sweet innocent girl. I'm going to say this a lot, warning you already, but I couldn't get to know her because the book was so short. I met her, and then the book was over! All in all, she is a nice, kinda shy character who cares for her brother.Adam seems like a sweetie as well. I was just starting to like him, and then the book ended! He had about one funny line in the book, but he comes off as a great friend and all around great guy.Plot: Like Nicholas Sparks? You probably will like this. Hate Nicholas Sparks? Stay clear from this one. Personally, I like Nicholas Sparks her and there, but I hated the ending of this. It was too abrupt and again, the book is too short to develop any kind of plot with characters that you can become attached to. Writing: This is written in alternating POV, which you know I adore! The other cool thing about the writing is that it was written in blog entries. Now that I have a blog, I can appreciate it more. I might have read another book written in this format, but I can't remember right now. It's so cool that authors are incorporating the use of technology into their writing. However, I am not a fan of authors that use texting language. If I'm reading a book, I want to read proper sentences.