The Lucky One

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks These characters were kind of blah...Thibault: He's a veteran who suffers from PTSD (Thanks for teaching me the acronym, Rachel.). I didn't find him funny,but no Nicholas Sparks characters are funny. They're all pretty serious since, you know, someone's death is imminent. However, Thibault is very kind and caring, especially with Ben, and has good intentions even though his plan to find Elizabeth wasn't fantastic, but kinda stalkerish.Elizabeth: Single mother who got married to her abusive high school sweet heart. And that about sums her up. Alright, so she's a very good mom, but lonely and subject to her husband. That is the one thing I don't like about her. She should be more independent, but then we wouldn't have Thibault to swoop in and be her gallant hero, now would we?In my opinion, the characters didn't have as great of chemistry as Nicholas Sparks' other characters.Plot: First chapter, really weird... Thibault finding more about the mysterious woman in the photo and tracking her down, even weirder and much more creepy. Man, you can find out a lot on the Internet! Overall, the story was very sloow. Not until the very end did any drama actually unfold.Movie: Now, I might be a bit biased because I find Zac Efron super attractive, but I liked it. I knew going into it that the story didn't have a typical Sparksian ending, but Rachel did not. She didn't like the movie too much because she went into it expecting to cry.The story line is pretty much spot on with the book, so if you liked one you will probably like the other. And if you like Zac Efron shirtless, you're gonna like this one :PWould I recommend this to a friend? No, if you wanted to read it because of the movie I wouldn't bother. And certainly don't let this be your first Sparks novel. Get the full sap from The Last Song or my other favorite, A Walk to Remember.