Legend - http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2012/11/review-legend-by-marie-lu.htmlYay for gold font in the print versions!Characters: I love that girls are portrayed as fierce, intelligent heroines in books these days. June is a very strong character with a curiosity that leads to a bit of trouble. Regarding Day, I liked his caring nature. He loved his family, making sacrifices for then. He too was a smart and strong character. I enjoy stories in which the main characters shouldn't love each other, but I thought that June and Day's relationship wasn't developed enough for them to have true love for each other. Their love seemed only as strong as a crush. Lastly, I admired the racial diversity of the characters, the progress in society evident in literature.Plot: So we have ourselves another futuristic, dystopian where there's an overthrow of government. I thought the plot was alright, but I'm getting tired of all the attempts at this genre. I heard that the next book in the series is absolutely amazing, so ill be sure to check it out.Movie: the film rights were bought even before the book was published. The casting for this will be a challenge, especially for Day. I've never even heard of a blonde Asian, but obviously its possible because Marie Lu posted this picture on her blog: In an interview with MTV, Marie mentioned that the only actor she's thought of playing a role in the movie is Ben Barnes.Hailee Steinfeld is a popular fan choice for June. I like her. She's gorgeous and she was great in True Grit. What do you think?