The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight -*Spoilers*This is what every girl wants, right? I think my hopes were too high for this book based on my own crazy desire for fairy tale love.Characters: Hadley is like an other teenager-naive and angry at her parents. Sometimes, she's quick to assume things, not using any logic. I found myself annoyed at her naïveté at times, but again, she's just a kid. Oliver's cute. I'm a sucker for Brits, but he definitely is a gentleman and has some witty lines throughout. Despite the fact that Hadley is the main character, I would argue that Oliver is more complex.Plot: I absolutely loved the idea for this book. In fact, every time Rachel or I go on trips, we always tell each other to look out for the Brit whom the other will statistically fall in love with at first sight. However, the story fell short of my expectations. I feel that Hadley and Oliver's time spent together wasn't focused enough, considering what the title of the book is. I felt that Jennifer E. Smith's focal point of the story was Hadley making amends with her father, even though the book is promoted as being a love story. This had the get together, break up, make up formula. All in all, the make up was terrible.Writing: It sure was fun learning new British diction! However, I will give credit to the author that there were a few insightful statements by the characters. While the story is still very cute, there are dramatic tones throughout.Would I recommend it to a friend? No, it was a huge letdown. Great idea, but didn't turn out fantastic on paper.