Meant to Be

Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill stars*spoilers*I had very high hopes for this book since I LOVED [b:Anna and the French Kiss|6936382|Anna and the French Kiss|Stephanie Perkins||7168450] who Meant to Be has been compared with. The humor in that was very witty and cute. However, the humor in this seemed like it was trying too hard. As for the characters, Anna was actually likable. I felt for her when the girls were spreading rumors. I could not sympathize with Julia of this book at all. Jason calls her the "Book Licker" and I must agree. I couldn't stand her for the first quarter of the book. She had the biggest stick up her rear end. She was the epitome of sticklers and wet blankets! And Etienne from [b:Anna and the French Kiss|6936382|Anna and the French Kiss|Stephanie Perkins||7168450], well I fell in love with him and his winsome personality. Jason of Meant to Be, however, was extremely annoying for the most part, constantly vying for attention. For example, he showed great immaturity during the Hyde Park walk, doing cartwheels and dragging Julia into the pond. Really? For the actual plot, the phone mix up was quite stupid and unbelievable. There, I felt that Julia was the stupidest smart person ever. How could she not connect the dots? The idea of this book and the MTB was a good idea, but the book fell short for me.On a positive note, I thought the ending was really cute...maybe a little corny but cute!