Struck - Jennifer Bosworth we're judging books by covers and book trailers, this would be the best book ever. Whoever designed them, you are awesome! Seriously, the trailer looks like a movie trailer, this coming from a girl who laughs at the silliness of all book trailers. I we judge on content, I'm going to have to lower my rating because this one really annoyed me.Characters: Mia was kind of a boring character. She looked out for her family and was protective to the point of putting herself at danger. I know the author intended on her being a strong heroine, but she seemed too trite for me. Then there's the love interest. The thing I likes about him was his appearance, with his Clark Kent glasses:) For the most part, I found him too elusive to care about. I wanted to figure the guy out, but he really wasn't in he book that much. I realize that sounds weird as he was a main character.Plot: I love the idea of the lightning addict. It seems original to me. However, as her power is discovered by various religious groups, they all want it for selfish purposes. That really annoyed me. You should know that I'm not a believer in religion. Regardless, all sides are corrupt so even if you are aren't religiously affiliated, you will probably get a little peeved. Overall, I found the plot to be slow, but I think my expectations were a bit high.Writing: Mediocre writing.Book Trailer: Seriously, awesome! I know that the author and her husband are involved in the movie making industry from reading about her, and that fact is evident in the trailer.