Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent  - Veronica Roth http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2012/11/review-divergent-by-veronica-roth.htmlBefore I start, I'll mention that Crystal and Rachel loved this one. I did not. It was very good, but I think it's getting too much hype. This is not as good as the Hunger Games.Characters: Let's start with Four, my favorite character. I liked the elusiveness of Four. He's definitely got an interesting back story. He was always thinking of Tris' interests, even if it did not seem like it. He was truly caring for this girl, despite the cold shoulder he initially gives her. Tris was the underdog. She comes in as the weak little girl who eventually perseveres to the top. I like this about her, but I did think her character was a bit weak. Her inherent selflessness was described by Four as making her braver and stronger, but I think it's what really caused her trouble. It's her complex. Therefore, I don't think she can be the next Katniss. Nonetheless, these two characters have great chemistry, and the tension between them gets pretty juicy. Plot: I didn't think there really was any until the end. Up until then, the book is about Tris's adjustment to the Dauntless faction and trying to see if she qualifies to belong there. The end got some excitement going, though.Writing:I don't remember being super impressed by it, but the writing wasn't bad. It was typical ya fiction. Every once in a while, you find a ya book with truly impressive writing, but this wasn't one.Overall feelings: Again, despite the negativity, I still read this one at a relatively fast pace and enjoyed it. It was a very good book. Had The Hunger Games not become a huge success and everybody started pumping out dystopians because of the craze, this might have been "the book" for me.Would I recommend it to a friend? YesWhat's your dream cast?TrisShailene Woodley's in talks of being cast as Tris. I like her and wouldn't mind if she was playing Tris, but I've loved AnnaSophia Robb since Bridge to Terabithia. Shailene Woodley AnnaSophia RobbI wouldn't mind if a "totally random never hear of you" personplayed Tris. There hasn't been anyone that I've been like"That is Tris."FourI've watched a ton of fanmade videos on youtube, and the top two picks for Four seems to be Max Irons and Brant Daugherty. I think Max Irons is gorgeous, and I'd have no problem watching the movie if he starred in it. The Only thing I've seen him in is Red Riding Hood, which I didn't like. Max IronsBrant Daugherty is good looking as well, so what do you think?P.S. Don't forget to read Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story, Tobias' version of one of the chapters