Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann I really liked the two main characters. I wouldn't say that they are developed well, but they are genuine and relatable. Kendall is trying to cope with her "boyfriend" being missing, trying to figure out if they were just friends or if she had true feelings for him. She's trying to find herself in reality. Then there's Jacian who makes her feel like nobody else does. I liked him a little bit better than Kendall; I'll admit it. He was the boy who had a bad boy reputation, but was playful and caring. The scene where he was dancing with his mother killed me. Plot:This was Bizarre. I can't really reveal anything about the secrets of Cryer's Cross, but all I have to say is that it was weird! But, the romance part of the story was pretty light and cute despite both character's baggage.Cover:The hardback cover is a huge spoiler. I don't like the cover of the paperback because it makes the book look like another ya romance. Yes, there is romance, but the paranormal (I guess you can call it that)aspect is major.Would I recommend it to a friend? If the friend hasn't read any Lisa McMann, I would'nt recommend it as their first of her works. I'd recommend the Wake trilogy.