Over You

Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2012/11/review-over-you-by-emma-mclaughlin-and.html3.75 starsStrange rating, I know, but it deserved higher than a high 3 keeping in mind the genre. Writing: So this was chick-lit like everything else these authors write. I find chick-lit simple to read. I must comment on the POV. That was weird! It was written in third person present and would skip from Max to Ben, sometimes unexpectedly.Characters: A lot of people don't like Max, but she was just a young girl trying to figure out her life after being heartbroken. Obviously, she was going to be naive. I don't know how anyone can expect her to act like a mature adult when she's only 17. I thought she was very caring for her clients and had the qualities of a good friend. As for Hugo, most people would call him the French word for shower, but I'm going to be nice and call him a jerk. Ben seemed very sensitive, a little too sensitive, to me. Plot: It's a typical boy meets girls, they like each other, someone messes up, and then a final makeup for a happily ever after. I thought this book was too short. In reality, Max and Ben only exchanged a few short conversations. I didn't think that their relationship was developed enough to start falling for each other.Would I recommend it to a friend? only someone who enjoys chick-lit because a lot of people can't stand the corny jokes and predictability.