Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry Series #3)

Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles the fact that Luis was probably my least favorite Fuentes, this book, in my opinion rivals Perfect Chemistry.I figure I'll be nice to the few viewers we have and start keeping my reviews organized like Crystal and Rachel.Characters: Luis was the smartest Fuentes academically, yet he seemed the stupidest when it came to making real, important choices. He was the least funny as well, but he will make you laugh still so don't worry. Nikki might be seen as weak and vulnerable due to her past, but I liked her. i especially liked the way she handled her first meeting with Luis. She showed some girl power! Either way, both Luis and Nikki are carrying major baggage in the relationship. Guess what? Alex and Carlos have major roles as well:)Plot: more gang drama... The Latino Blood is building back up. And of course the tension filled romance like the others in the series.Writing: I still love the alternating POVs. Plus, Simone Elkeles is just so funny.Would I recommend it to a friend? If you've read any in this series, you would have fallen in love with a Fuentes and would want to read this.If you didn't know, in all of the epilogues, the characters are much older and have kids. I wish that there would be a follow up series on the kids' lives. That would be entertaining.