Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles must say that I liked Perfect Chemistry more, but I still loved Carlos' story nonetheless.Carlos had me laughing just like his brother. However, he liked to cause trouble, so he came off much more immature than Alex who only joined Latino Blood to protect his family. I love how the Fuentes boys care so dearly for their significant others. Even when it seems like they are treating their girls like poop, they truly are thinking about them and trying to keep them out of danger.I liked Kiara a lot because she tried to keep up with Carlos' snide comments. Along with that, she could out hike Carlos, and she was capable of fixing cars. She's definitely a strong character, but she had some struggles. For example, you couldn't help but feel for her as she battled her speech impediment. Alex is actually a pretty big character. However, Brittany not so much. She does give some wise words in her short appearance.Because the protagonists are living in close quarters, it seemed like they were inevitably going to develop feelings for each other. The odds did not seem to be against their love as much as in Perfect Chemistry.Overall, a very nice love story, again filled with humor and drama.Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, especially if you read Perfect Chemistry.I absolutely love the epilogues of these books. They are set in the time in which the boys are old enough to have kids. That's all I'm going to say.