Dead to You

Dead to You - Lisa McMann get used to it. When I love an author's work, I'm going to then read them all. Besides Cryer's Cross, which I am halfway through, and the Unwanteds, her middle grade novel, I've read all of Lisa McMann's books. After reading the blurp for this book, I kept thinking,"Something's gonna happen," over and over, but up until the end, nothing really jumps out at you but you still have that feeling of its imminent arrival. The book's events are what I think would be typical if this happened in real life, so it is therefore very realistic. The family tries to get used to having another member around. The parents are thrilled to have their kid back, but are totally paranoid of losing him again. The one sibling is jealous of the attention the new member is getting and causes trouble. And the newly found child, Ethan, is just trying to get settled and win the neighbor's heart. Some people might find it boring, but it's the build up for the big finish.I'm like Rachel, but turned down one notch when it comes to the hopeless romantic. I'm going to admit to totally rooting for Ethan to win Cami's heart.Maybe it's because I knew something shocking had to occur, but I always found myself wanting to find out what happens next in this book. I was on the edge of my phone, nook, and book.When that thing happened that you knew was going to happen happened, my mind was blown...Would I recommend it to a friend? Yeah, I quite enjoyed the suspense of the book.