On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2012/10/reviewon-island-by-tracey-garvis-graves.htmlJ'adore, j'adore, j'adore!If you're like Rachel, the huge age difference between Anna and TJ is a major "no no." I'm going to tell you the same that I told her, partly mocking her since she actually says this phrase but being completely honest since the book was really good. I said for her to give it a whirl.The age difference is definitely taboo, but the book is a beautiful and realistic love story. Under the circumstances, being trapped on an island with only each other, obviously the two would become pretty close.I was very much into the series "LOST." I enjoy dramatic survival stories that are fictionalized and add in other elements than the harsh challenges of survival. I liked that "LOST" focused on character development and relationships, and I thought that this book did that too.I will admit that some of the situations TJ and Anna get in and how they get out of them regarding the other indigenous creatures is a bit far fetched, but the vast majority of the actual living on the island details seemed like they could have happened.This is the first self published book that I've read, and I was really impressed. And now it is a Penguin book. This was optioned for a movie, so I'm interested to see how it plays out. I think too many people will be opposed to the age difference, but I'm rooting for it to happen.Would I recommend to a friend? Yes**I'd recommend to a mature friend, perhaps someone sick of YA and wanting to go in the adult fiction direction. The writing is pretty simple, but the content obviously more mature.