When You Were Mine

When You Were Mine - Rebecca Serle http://lisleslivres.blogspot.com/2012/10/review-when-you-were-mine-by-rebecca.htmlI'm a huge fan of Shakespeare's original Romeo and Juliet, so I was really interested in the premise of this title. I had never heard of any book on Rosalind, only Juliet. So, I read it. It was okay. I was a little disappointed that it was set in modern day because I was so enthralled by Shakespeare's age. Likewise, it was very easy to read. Even though decoding Shakespearean language is difficult, I find his diction very interesting and romantic. Sometimes, I wish we could all talk like that which was why I personally was a little upset by the setting of this book. It's obvious that the story line of Romeo and Juliet is within the plot of this book, but still, there are other elements that make this its own story.I liked this book, didn't love it. I think my expectations were too high because there is no book like it. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yeah (That wasn't a passionate "yeah," but nonetheless a "yeah." This was optioned to be a movie, and the screenplay was written by the people behind 500 Days of Summer. I'm interested to see how that turns out.I saw this author at the NYPL Teen Author Reading Night this summer, and she said that the sequel is going to be a little "darker" than this one. I thought the ending was suitable for a stand alone, but I will definitely check out the next book. And, she wrote something punny funny in my book. She thought my name was Harley and not Carly, so she wrote that I have an awesome name anyway, making sure to put in "What's in a name?"